Medical Schools in the US

Medical Schools in the US

If you are willing to pursue medical in foreign then US may be your first preference and it should be because of the learning opportunities and research opportunities in the medical schools in the us and also in the medical schools of us students get to know about the world better because their students from different part of the world come to pursue their dreams and only best of them can reach there to complete their dreams.

Let’s start with the Top medical school of the us where you can take admission for a bright future and to become a good professional.

Top Medical School in the US (2019 Updated list) : 

  1. Harvard University
  2. Johns Hopkins University 
  3. New York University
  4. Stanford University
  5. University of California – San Francisco
  6. Mayo Clinic School of Medicine
  7. University of Pennsylvania
  8. University of California – Los Angeles
  9. Washington University in St. Louis
  10. Duke University

If we talk about the top medical schools then Harvard Medical School and Johns Hopkins University is on lead in 2019 because of their performance in various research and professional fields. Their main aim is to make their students research concentric and also try to do this also.

So most of the students coming out of these universities are either involved in research works or are very good medical professionals. That’ the reason students always try to secure their seats in these colleges first.

What you will learn year wise in these medical schools:

1st year

In first main focus will be on basics and clinical science courses. You will also study biology, chemistry, anatomy and more. On the basis of learning of this year you will make the foundation of your further course.

2nd year

In second year main focus will be on clinical clerkships and also there will be compulsory courses like:

  • A course on clinical skills
  • One practical course
  • A health policy or global health course

3rd Year 

In this year you will have to learn clerkships/rotations and also you will get a chance to be a part of a medical team and their you will work with specialist where you will different skills and get to know more about the patients and medical procedures.

4th year

In this year you will have to choose your specialty and and that will become your area of expertise in which you will further perform your research or practice works

Unique Characteristic of the medical schools of US 

1. Learn to care for your patients: 

You will be taught How to care for your patients in addition to the main course. Their main focus will be on how to teach students to be more caring and can be more comfortable with their patients and how can they give more comfort to their patients.

2. Learn to care for your patients: 

This should be one the main qualities of a doctor as they need to react fast in many situations and also they need to think correctly in these medical emergency situations many lives depend on the decisions taken by the doctors on correct times.

3.Access and work with state of the art research facilities:

A doctor needs to be actively involved in research works so that they can increase the efforts of medicines and can also work on diseases that are coming new and attacking human bodies with growing  pollution and global warming.

Being doctor is not easy, so a doctor is given a lot of respect in the society as they try to save lives of their patients and not only that patients also give access of their life to their doctors by trusting them and they keep them. So a doctor is treated as a god in society.


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