Pursuing MBBS in USA

If you are confident enough to become doctor a doctor in your future in USA then you first have to complete MBBS. MBBS needs to be done first to become a doctor in USA.

  •  MBBS Stands for Bachleor of Medicine and Bachleor of Surgery. This is the first degree you need to be a certified doctor in USA.
  •  First professional degree is knowns as Doctor of Medicine short name is MD
  • It takes 4-5 years to pass this degree in USA to become a doctor.

Eligibility Criteria:

1. In USA for pursuing MBBS you must have completed your graduation.
2. Major subject in Graduation should be Science but some of the college in USA doesn’t force this criteria on foreigner students.
3. Th age must be 17 before the 31st December of the year of admission.

Entrance Exam for MBBS in USA:

1. AMU: MEdical Entrance Exam
2. BLDE: University Under graduate Enytance Test

MBBS in USA is little different than other Countries as in USA you must have to be a graduate for being qualify for MBBS eligibilty criteria.

Exam of MCAT (Medical College Admission Test):

Students must have to apply for MCAT and clear this exam for being eligibe to qualify to take admission in any of the medical college all acrosss the USA.

AMCAS – American Medical College Application Service

This is aboon for students outside of USA who wants to pursue MD in ths US medical schools as through this students can apply to differenr medical schools of the USA by just filling their form without any error and then AMCAs will send your application all the colleges for whoch you are eligible. Isn’t this boon as students won’t have to send individual applicationsn to all the colleges.

Top Medical Colleges in USA for MBBS (2019 Updated):

1. Harvard Medical School Massachusetts:

This is one of the best medical colleges in USA for studying Medical. This colleges has produced a lot of medical professionals with fame and also a number of medical researchers and scientist. So this can be one of the best option for anyone in USA to go for medical studies.

Fee: $58,500

2. John Hopkins, Baltimore, Maryland

It is the first research university in USA and is also the most reputed one in it’s field. For taking admission in this college you first have to pass an interview and also average SAT score should be above 1570. Takimg admission is a lot more difficult thanother universities but then you also know more hard more good for you.

Fee: $51,560

3. University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

This university is easy to score than both the above one but not too low in rankings than both of the above as this university is also producing a lot of researchers, infact almost all the students of this university is involved in some kind of research work.

Fee: $57,700

Medical School and the Expenses:

All the fee mentioned above are only the tuition fee that you will have to pay here and not the total expenses that you will bear till the completion of course.

So i guess now you have a lot of info, now go and show some dedication and be a good Doctor and a good professional of USA.

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